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Leda Lighting Solutions are proud to introduce the new Thorn Champion LED floodlights, now in operation at Paskerville Football Club.

Update 3 / June 2019

This project was a successful collaboration between Baden Napier Electrical and Leda Lighting that provided a great solution for the local community. Check out the video below and watch the full installation in action.

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Aurora will bring to market a range of smart lighting, sensing and control devices with their new AOne platform.

Update 2 / Feb 2018

AOne enables full control of your lighting spaces via your handheld devices or remote controllers. The new AOne kits provide users with an affordable smart lighting control solution, with increased energy saving and security benefits.


Take control from anywhere, including dimming, scene and scheduling functions. 


Did you miss our 2017 NECA Emergency Lighting Workshop?

Update 1 / Mar 2017

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